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In this video we will be downloading and installing the Visual Studio IDE.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about C# to be able to develop games with and
without a game engine.
You will be able to take the skills and knowledge you gain in this course and apply them to game engines
like Unity or frameworks like MonoGame. You will also be able to use your skills to develop non-game
applications and programs.
You will be introduced to Unity and learn how to take your newly acquired C# skills and use the to develop
games in Unity.
We will start from the beginning, by learning the basics of C#. When we have a good understanding of the
basics, we will move on to more advanced things, like object oriented programming.
When we start learning we will be working in Console applications. The reason that we will be using
console applications, is because they are great learning tools.
When we have good understanding of object oriented programming, we will move on to windows forms.
This is where we will create our first 2D games with sprites, animations and collisions. Windows forms are
not meant to be used for games, however it’s a great way to learn about how a game engine works.
In the end, we will move on from windows forms to Unity and create our first game inside a game engine.
We will use all the knowledge that we have from C# to create some simple and fun games.



  1. you are super awesome , i am moving from action script where i used to make my games in flash , now that flash is being wiped out i'm moving into C# ,your videos are great i will put you in my credits when i finish the game … thank you !

  2. This tutorial is amazing for starters. I like your tutorials, it is very helpful. Are you gonna do a 3d game development in unity??

  3. You are actually giving much more content than quill18creates and your way to explain programming and unity is clear as water. Thank you a ton!!!!!

  4. Hi, Your tutorials are great and very helpfull.. if you cover advance c# topic like delegates,event,event arg,generics,list dictionery, linq..then that would be very helpful and great! i took some courses onthat but i didnt get practical usage of them .
    So kindly help me on that topic please


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