14: Structs And Enums In C# | How To Use An Enum | C# Tutorial For Beginners | C Sharp Tutorial


In this C# tutorial I will teach about enums and structs which are a type of “mini objects” we can use in our applications.

Link to Enum:
Link to Struct:
When to use Struct or Classes:


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Material for this lesson:


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  1. thank you mmtuts you video it is really really understand with your explain and special you show the code step by step with a example also

  2. Dear Teacher! 🙂
    Could you please talk about what namespace is? How to work with GUI? How can we work with different files for a software, and how make them communicate to each other, like in PHP "class extends blabla"? Please!

  3. and your video the whole playlist is amazing and doesn't leave a gap which doesn't confuse the student its cool keep it up like the details man

  4. when is the next episode coming out ? and how do we transform to the intermediate level ? with all the graphical design and creating an executable stand alone application

  5. My apologies if I seem tired/agitated on the video ':D
    This video was my 3rd attempt at recording this since…
    – My recordings ended up being corrupted
    – My audio got cut off short (no battery)
    – My camera ran out of power
    – I had to use an over complicated way to send my camera files to my primary PC
    Basicly everything went wrong ':D


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