2: Installing Visual Studio | Setup Our First Project | C# Tutorial For Beginners | C Sharp Tutorial


In this lesson you will learn how to install Visual Studio. Visual Studio is an IDE which can be used to develop .NET applications using languages such as C#.

I will also show how to setup a new project in Visual Studio, which will be a C# Console Application.

Link to Visual Studio:


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Material for this lesson:


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  1. Hi, Could you please Help me to solve this issue https://www.codeproject.com/Questions/5255206/How-to-save-the-entire-contents-of-datagridview-in

  2. Great tutorial!One question though,the only things showing up under my project name,are dependecies and program.cs.Dependecies has under it Frameworks which has under it Microsoft.NETCore.App and program.cs has program.

  3. This is so fucked up installer. I cannot change the "Shared componenst…" location for some stupid reason. It's just grey and it never asked before that where do I want to install the program. It just assumes I want to install it on my main drive which has only 120gb and windows istalled to it.

  4. What do I do when i am. Unable to launch visual studio itself? I can't. Find any shortcuts, not even when I search for it and it's annoying as fuck

  5. I'm just getting started with the C# now and subscribing your channel i'm studing computer science engineering 3rd year from India

  6. Why is it that every time I go looking for a tutorial on this topic, the presenter always assumes that I have some other knowledge of the topic.

    For example, at the 14:00 mark we start to get an explanation of a Class; that is a container that contains a number of methods and properties. Then to explain what methods and properties are if I don't know (and I don't) you say they are similar to variables and functions if I come from a web development background (which I do not).


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