27 – C# Tutorial For Beginners in Hindi/Urdu – Struct in C#


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Welcome to the C# Tutorial For Beginners in Hindi/Urdu fundamentals series.

In this video, you ‘ll learn about How to use Struct in C#.

C# Tutorial For Beginners in Hindi/Urdu Course Series

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  1. i put same code student std = new structure.student(); in main method bt it showing error while using
    error is below:
    Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State

    Error CS0234 The type or namespace name 'student' does not exist in the namespace 'structure' (are you missing an assembly reference?) structure D:c sharp practice foldertutorial 28structureProgram.cs 13 Active

  2. C++ main class main sirf one time public: likhne ke bad use bar bar likhne ki jariorat nahi hoti to kya c# main bhi esa ho sakta hai?

  3. Student std = new Structs.Student();
    what is the purpose of new Structs.Student(); in above statement when program is working proper without it…. please explain thanks…

  4. we can do the same with class so why we need of stuct in our program give us a solid reason with an example (without telling a value and reference type ) Than you ..

  5. I have a problem this code showing compile time error in VS 15" Student std = new structs.Student(); " please help me

  6. Ali Asad vai you are awesome. I think this is brilliant tutorial serious i have ever seen. Keep and calm.


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