Advanced C#: Lesson 6 – Shallow Copy vs Deep Copy


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  1. I want to know when class having more than 20 properties. So, parameterized constructor with that many parameter is fine?

  2. Great Explanation….. I read a lot of theories online but they didnt explained as clean as you did in this video..
    Thanks a ton….

  3. Nice explanations … You made all that perfectly clear and i now have a much deeper understanding of what is actually happening here

  4. i was always aware of this difference in C# but never worried about it. I just did what needed to be done. This video was meaningful to review.

  5. Hello Jesse your videos are very good at all,can you do unity scripting beginners to advance tutorials if you have time for it ?

  6. Thanks Jesse. Super stuff. Things I would like to see in future – LINQ, Class overrides, inheritance, scopes, exception handling,

  7. I miss some involvement in this video. I mean you have almost all the code prepared and I was only listening to your video and I didn't write a single line of code. It's harder to remember this way. Otherwise I like your videos pretty much.

  8. Jesse these videos are perfect.You have a gift for teaching and should be at a university somewhere molding you minds. Please don't stop.  I only have 1 question. In Visual Basic to accomplish the deep copy  this is the code used. Is there an equivalent in C#?  I feel there should be a shorthand way of returning the object without explicitly creating a new object and assigning values…. some of my lists contain classes and I use reflection to assign the properties. but when I simply want a copy i use this code.

        Public Function Clone() As MyList
            Return DirectCast(Me.MemberwiseClone, MyList)
        End Function


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