Android Data Binding: Getting Started


In this video I’m going to show you how to get started with Data Binding on Android.

We’ll go over topics like:
1) Data binding library requirements
2) Binding an Activity layout
3) Passing variables to a layout
4) Ternary statements
5) Custom Binding Adapters

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  1. I thought i was the only one loving this tutorial. You've really made data binding so simple to understand. Thanks very much

  2. getting this error on enabling dataBinding to true "AndroidX Error: Both old and new data binding packages are available in dependencies. Make sure you've setup jettifier for any data binding dependencies"

  3. Hi Mitch, I want to show a layout of "No Internet Connection" with a "Retry" button in MVVM using Data Binding. How to accomplish that. Please help me @CodingWithMitch

  4. Probably the best video intro of Data Binding on the internet right now. Google take note.

    Would love to see a follow up to integrate ViewModels and LiveData.

  5. For anyone looking at this now, another way to surround an int with brackets and putting it inside textview would be to use string resource formatter
    eg: (%1$d) and using that in the layout expression

  6. Hello Mitch, thank you for this video. I have a question when should we use data binding? Should we always use data binding?
    In my opinion, when we code in xml layout file it's seem quite hard to maintain so this make me so confused…


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