ANOTHER INSANE REVEAL! – One Piece Chapter 974


So we have back to back chapters of Oda literally flexing on the plot points developed for several arcs. One Piece 974 may be the beginning of an insane run for the story… I’M HYPE

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  1. Man. The chapter is fire. A bit rushed, but I am not complaining. I want that juicy action.
    And man, that traitor… If you think and try to rationalize, it is logical. The person you least suspect is the actual traitor.
    Just wow. I need next chapter right now.

  2. After hearing this review, I don't even want to read the chapter, we need Hiyori to be revealed to have inherited Oden's innate sword wielding skill and get really dominant fighting againt orochi with zoro as her teammate

  3. This doesn't seem like an "insane reveal," to me.

    In MY book, the biggest reveal would either be what One Piece really is or that Sabo survived the Reverie

  4. When Kinemon said, "Luffy-dono" I felt that. I know over the past couple weeks Brago you've said that you sorta do feel for the scabbards but their hasn't been enough for an emotional impact. I wanted to say I kind of agree with the exception of Kinemon. Kinemon has displayed the most emotion and vigor when it comes to making Oden's dream come true. That last page, where Kin is just beaten and defeated, his best friend and comrade has betrayed him, his kind-of-like-a-son Momo is taken hostage, yet the sight of MONKEYYY D…….LUFFFFFFYYYYY fills him with tears of hope. I cannot wait for the clusterfuck that is the Wano war.


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