AO3 Being Blocked in China and Xiao Zhan – What Happened


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  1. Xiao Zhan is not innocent,In 2020, as a star, he and his team can't stay out of the internet for so many days. In other words, Xiao Zhan knows everything, but he hasn't stopped his fans from any further action. He chose to pamper his fans.

  2. there is a sentense in China:

    fans:If you are the enemy of the world, we will accompany you.

    star:Why should I be the enemy of the world?

    fans:we help you to enemy of the world.

  3. My heart goes out to Xiao Zhan and I can only hope he will stay strong during this time. I Hope he can realize how many honest fans he won all over the world! I have never seen a celebrity working so hard, being so polite and humble as XZ. As a fan from far away Germany , I am so sad that I can't do much to help him . But he will always have my support and my love ! Because of him, I am learning mandarin now – I want to visit China one Day – He really made a big impact. LOVED him as Wei Wu Xian, he brought this Character lo life like no other could! He is an outstanding Actor , a wonderful singer and most of all – such an adorable Person. He deserves to be happy! 肖战, 会好的, 加油

  4. i can just hope for zhanzhan to be fine. it would be better if he does'nt know anything about it . but then again how is that possible .why are ppl so toxic ahhhhhhhhhhhh. they can't see him being famous .hmmm how is it any of his fault dumbasses toxic ppl

  5. What are we learning from this moment of stupidity?

    Why being obsessive over people who don't even know you needs to stop
    Having some common sense to begin with
    Attacking an innocent man who wasn't even involved needs to also stop

    This is petty. I love the man for his acting talents but guys please… COME BACK TO REALITY. There are bigger problems then you not liking someones smut. I can literally start a rant on why these people are fucking idiotic; Its really toxic. If you're struggling mentally… just stop and breathe and stop going to the place that is coursing the issues. Its okay to take time out for yourself and let yourself breathe.

    There are worse things then smut… like, quite literally.

  6. Originally I made this reply in response to another comment.But I also am interested in others opinion on this matter.

    How does writing plagiarised fiction depicting real people give the "writers" such confidence that they are 100% the lightbearer of the freedom of speech movement?

    To market and increase the appeal of their book,many original authors may not have objected to fan created fictions based on their original story,but ultimately fanfiction is a shameful practise in plagiarism. Why cannot the "writers" write original stories?Are they only able to write if they are provided a first draft by hiding their incompetence screaming freedom of speech?

    It is very silly and pitiful to commit suicide based on the reasons that a03 got banned or that their livelihood which is based on plagiarism and encroaching on others privacy (of real people)is gone.They made poor choices in their lives and Xiao Zhan is in no way responsible for that.So why should he apologise or take responsibility?if those girls are adult,it is their responsibility,if they are children then it is their parents responsibility to teach them not to make poor life choices.

    Actors are not public property.They did not take a oath anywhere to serve the people first and foremost.An actor is just another glorified employee who earns a lot more,not very unlike a ceo of a tech company earning millions.

    We don't know XZ's actual preference So let us Suppose Xiao Zhan did not like this fanfiction.Then Can you please explain,how did Xia Zhan not wanting to be a part of a fanfiction which he did not personally consent to being in,end up violating the "writer's" freedom of speech?

    It's very interesting that people think their freedom of speech is taken away when they themselves are not caring about the real people's freedom of speech about how to use their OWN identity.

  7. From what I know many Chinese people are angry because XZ's fans caused many people to lose their job and precious works even though they didn't do anything wrong or illegal and some of them even committed suicide. 2 people died I think and other innocent online writers were asking for help but his fans kept online bullying them even telling them to die, however XZ and his team didn't even try at all to tell the fans to restrain themselves just used money to keep the news down. But then they couldn't keep it down anymore and were forced to apologize but the apology was really insincere, didn't even mention the important things, so people were even more angry. People are now boycotting him not necessarily because they think it's mostly his fault but definitely his fans and team's and that's the only thing people can do to punish them. I honestly don't know if XZ deserves this but I think he does have to take some responsibility for he really never told his fans to control themselves even though they did some serious cyber bullying since a long time before this thing.

  8. To those who proclaim this is Chinese culture to have an actor be responsible for his fans, ( as someone who is fluent in Chinese, had business dealings with them and visited China many times, ), this is frankly not true. Nor is it true that the people who are boycotting him represent the majority is laughable.

    The average Chinese person, does not know about ao3 nor do they care about it. They also don't care about Xiao Zhan . All of them are far more concerned about the coronavirus. For that matter, most of them also are not supportive of LGBTQ+ rights or related materials either. All they see are two groups of people using similar tactics, and flinging vitriol at each other. Frankly they find it annoying, and see them as no better than the other side. Out of a population of 1.4 billion people, there are about 400,000 chinese users of ao3 ( and not all of whom are behaving in such a retaliatory manner), and there are about 20 million proclaimed Xiao Zhan fans ( and the toxic fans who started this are an even lower number). Do you think these numbers even come close to representing the general Chinese public?

  9. I posted this as a comment reply yesterday, moving it to its own comment. Please bear with me, this is very long: I am embarrassed to admit how much time I have devoted these past 4 days researching this issue to gain an understanding of how it started, why it blew up, and why Chinese netizens are so angry. I started out like every other international fan with a very simplistic view of the situation and saw it as very black and white. I now understand just how complicated and multi-layered the situation is and I will do my best to provide my analysis. Please bear with me, this is going to be long. No matter how I slice and dice it and no matter what angle I look at it from, I come back to the same conclusion: Xiao Zhan was failed by WJJW. I believe if WJJW were a better company and if they were better managers of Xiao Zhan, they could have prevented the situation in the first place and could have prevented the aftermath from blowing up the way it did.

    I have to preface my analysis with the statement that I don't think any company could have anticipated the level of fan obsession over Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. I think they thought The Untamed would be like any other successful show. But they were completely unprepared for the fandom explosion. The Untamed is not just any show and the obsession over Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, and their YiZhan duo is not like anything I have ever personally experienced. Before The Untamed, I honestly didn't care much about most idols. But The Untamed threw me into the fandom community. And not just The Untamed fandom community, into the MoDaoZhuShi fandom community. Like most people, I watched The Untamed before knowing anything about the MDZS novel and fell in love with the story and the characters and the actors. The casting of Xiao Zhan as WWX and Wang Yibo as LWJ couldn't be more perfect. After I watched the series, I couldn't let it go and learned that it was originally a novel. I speak Chinese but I can barely read it so I read the translated novel on Exiled Rebel Scanlations and entered the MDZS world. The novel is so much richer and the love story between WWX and LWJ is so much deeper than in the TV series. However, the TV series fleshed out the imagery for me to match to the story. Xiao Zhan as WWX, Wang Yibo and LWJ, their YiZhan duo as WangXian. We are also introduced to very hot, graphic sex in the novel. So now, your imagery is filled with Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo as WWX and LWJ in graphic sex scenes. I appreciate the Exiled Rebel Scanlations' translation of the novel, but because the translator isn't a writer, it didn't satisfy my thirst for the story. That's when I learned about the audio drama. The audio drama blew my world. The voice actor for WWX is the same voice actor as in the TV series. The voice actor for LWJ is the voice actor in the anime. The audio drama doesn't include the sex scenes but definitely showcases their romance and desire for each other and gets quite steamy in its own right.

    I think this is where Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo's fan community has divided. I think there are The Untamed only fans and then there are MoDaoZhuShi fans. MDZS fans are the ones more likely to be on AO3. I didn't know about AO3 before becoming a fan of The Untamed and MDZS. The novel has epilogue chapters that continue a few WangXian stories after the novel ends, including explicit sexual dreams. One is LWJ's dream about when he and WWX were 15 when WWX was studying in Cloud Recesses. Fans on AO3 write fan fiction to keep the WangXian story alive a little longer. They write additional epilogue stories. They write additional dream sequences. They write a lot of sex stories. The novel already set the stage for teenage sex so it's totally understandable that fan fic will also include teenage sex. Honestly, most of the writing is terrible because most people are not good writers. But its fans pouring their time and creativity to share their love for this world and other fans reading their works to also live a little longer in this world.

    I believe the first step that WJJW failed is they didn't know where the fandom would go and not setting up the parameters of what is acceptable and unacceptable for Xiao Zhan's fans. I believe Yuehua, Wang Yibo's management company also did not anticipate this. Looking back into retrospect, both WJJW and Yuehua should have provided guidelines and guardrails so fans know the boundary. AO3 is the wild west. Fans can take stories to the extreme and there are no reigns. The problem originated when one of the fanfic stories depicted Xiao Zhan as a woman and someone else created fanart that showed Xiao Zhan as a woman. In the novel, WWX is the wife and the bottom. LWJ is the husband and the top. You can see this dynamic with their characters in The Untamed, but it is very clearly depicted in the novel. There should have been foresight from both Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo's teams to know that some fans would take this to the extreme and really feminize WWX and Xiao Zhan. They should have made clear that depicting Xiao Zhan as a woman is out of bounds. If fans had this guidance to begin with, then I don't think they would have gone there in the first place. It is impossible to expect fans to not ship Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. Most of their fans became fans because of their BL show! But the shipping can stay within certain guidelines. This was even more important for Xiao Zhan than Wang Yibo because WWX is the wife. But WJJW was completely clueless about this possibility. I don't know if any company could have fully anticipated this, though.

    Next, WJJW definitely failed to coral Xiao Zhan's diverse fandoms and failed to smack down the toxicity spewing from his early fans who dislike BL and dislike their idol becoming a BL star and seen as the wife of the YiZhan duo. These fans have been bad apples and bad netizens but never got reprimanded and was seen to have tacit support from Xiao Zhan's company, and thus from Xiao Zhan himself. In China, reporting to the internet authorities something you don't like is a really big problem. WJJW is absolutely at fault for not explicitly saying reporting is bad fan behavior. Apparently these bad apples have a history of reporting content prior to the AO3 incident. WJJW should have made it explicitly clear to fans from the first time they did it. But WJJW stayed silent.

    Who knows if AO3 was taken down because of the reporting or if it was going to get cleaned anyway. BUT so much fan created work is now gone from China's internet and it's absolutely tragic. Not just fan fic, fan art, fan movies. All gone. For example, this BiliBili fan movie is absolutely incredible: It's a work of art. It's gone off Bilibili. You can only watch it on YouTube which you can't access in China without VPN. The original MDZS novel is not available in China, only the censored version without the sex scenes. You can only buy the original novel in Taiwan and can read the English translation outside China. So much fan created art that took time, effort, and love to create is now gone. It totally sucks for them and they have the right to be angry. Us international fans need to be sensitive to the situation. Content Chinese netizens have created is now wiped from China but is accessible to us outside of China. So unfair.

    Xiao Zhan will need to accept his punishment to let this thing pass, as unfair as it is to him. The Chinese part of me sees this and I think all Chinese people understand that it's what needs to be done. I believe Xiao Zhan will be fine afterwards as long as we, his fans, keep supporting him. But I believe WJJW and Long Danni need to take their punishment too. Not enough anger is being directly at them and should be.

  10. My thoughts:

    1. It's terrible that the actions of a misguided few ended up affecting so many innocents and shutting down another creative outlet
    2. people need to learn to separate fictions/fandoms from reality, it's generating a toxic fan culture
    3. it's disturbing and bewildering to see people blame Xiao Zhan for this, when he was not the one who caused the censorship. It defies common sense to see them boycott him, throw vitriol at him, and write the most awful things to him and people who try to point out the flaws in their logic. Even the ones who are more reasonable do not see their actions as cyberbullying. This is what the US government defines as cyberbullying:"Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else. It can include sharing personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation. Some cyberbullying crosses the line into unlawful or criminal behavior."

    They do not face the true issue, the government censorship and the fact that unfortunately the majority of the people in China are not supportive of LGBTQ+ rights or related materials. Since they either fear the repercussions of tackling the true issues and cannot target the extreme fans who did this, they instead turn themselves to a named and easy target, Xiao Zhan. The more they cyberbully him, the more the average person becomes appalled by their actions. How are they any different at the core than the extreme fans that they proclaim to fight against? The only exception being that they try to condone their actions by proclaiming they were attacked first. Well, sweetheart, you're using the exact same tactics against an innocent man, so really you and the extreme fans are just two side of the same coin.

  11. When my friend told me last year that some Chinese girls use AO3 to learn English, I was mortified, because the English language side of the site can get pretty raunchy. I knew it was only a matter of time before the govt would notice and take action.

  12. in my opinion his fans had the right to report that "writer" shipping and fantasizing about celebrities sexuality has gone way too far. He's a freaking real human being being a fan does not give you any right to feminize him or degrade him in any ways to satisfy your kink.
    Also Xiao Zhan doesn't need to apologize for shit the one who should be apologizing is the writer who started all this not the Xiao Zhan not his true fans who reported the whole thing. And no they are not petty reasons okay? they have defamed him and in a way humiliated him to feed their desires i's so sick and toxic.
    I hope AO3 will never be up again those people deserve it.

  13. I am really worried about xiao zhan.
    He has done nothing wrong.
    I wish this matter solves quickly and xiao zhan shine brightly like before

  14. I really don't like the hate comments either, and we believe in him, we (me & my sister) love Xiao Zhan's series, movies including his songs! The way he (Xiao Zhan) is right now is still the amazing, kind hearted, confident and most of all, potential person. @juliechen, is right about what she said: We don't want him to be in the center of this shit storm, NOR Wang Yibo who's making this fight with Xiao Zhan. Love him and vote for him wherever he is listening or hearing this comment, I just want to let him know that don't listen to the hate comments from twitter, instagram or any of the social media apps.
    He should never give up on his career nor his job, he should be strong and confident for who he is.
    I'm amelia and my sister is elena are the biggest fan of Xiao Zhan in the world, we will never say HATE to him no, we will say:


  15. This was a very thoughtful post. Thank you for speaking out about the need for mental health care for youth. And…..Gosh..they need just let the guy act!!! Good grief the bullying. I think the stress of the pandemic and the culture of repression is expressing itself and it's easy to attack and take your frustrations out online. Human beings can be soooo vicious during a time we should be generous and kind.

  16. Xiao Zhan used to say a lot of dirty jokes in the past, many of them are jokes and filthy words about sex and women. Stop saying that he is innocent, kind, calm etc. It disgusts me.

  17. It is 2020 and people still can't seem to find the rationality when they are dealing with problems. They are so toxic due to all these influences they get from the internet and use the internet to ruin each other again and again. As a writer, I can understand how those writers felt when their works were taken down. There are thousands of gender-bender fics written and thousands of edited pictures where a male being portrayed as a woman. If that isn't killing someone or harming someone then what's the problem in it? If XZ has a problem with it he would take actions against it. How could people be so immature?

  18. As a writer, I've never been a fan of fan fiction because it's pretty parasitic. A writer works for weeks, months, or even years to build a world or a character and someone just steps in a d usurps the characters and worldbuilding. But i have had to accept it. I'm not going to accept using real living people as the basis for fan stories though. Not ever. Actors spend a longtime building their brand and with one stupid misstep by some unthinking writer of fanfiction the actor's livelihood disappears. It's irresponsible for people to heal their own issues by using real people as characters in a fictional story. And then to publish the story just makes the actor's life more complicated.

  19. This is very similar to kpop shipping where girls fetishise male/male couple s then freak out if someone comes out as gay. The untamed is clearly a BL novel and the show hinted to that but people don’t like that yibo/Xz are being shipped together. The country allows BL dramas to air but you’re not allowed to read gay fanfiction. I feel like the ppl who blocked the website blew up the situation out of proportion they should’ve just ignored it and it would’ve died down??‍♀️ the actors literally have nothing to do with this and this is when shipping becomes toxic/obsessive.

  20. I want to speak also my opinion on this issue…as a fan of XiaoZhan who truly loves him, it is also hurting for me to hear every news that blamed XiaoZhan for some discourteous acts by a number of XioaZhan’s fans…but we have to accept that it was already done, they have already offended several fandom that affected XiaoZhan’s carreer as an artist, and thats the reason why XiaoZhan issue an apology. It was an apology to those who are offended by inappropriate act caused by some fans. And i think it is a smart way of XiaoZhan’s team to do a public apology! He actually apologize on behalf of his fans.. he loves his fans, he treated us as part of his life as one family! We move as one! Whatever one does we are also responsible! And as one family we support everyone for the best and also reprimanded anyone for wrongdoing. We dont support the wrong acts of some member of the family but we support XiaoZhan! As one family, we also have to give our apology to those who have offended by the member of the family! I think doing a public apology as ONE we could help XiaoZhan! Let us extend our support to XiaoZhan by immitating his act of apologizing bcoz as a family we are One! Let us start making an apology to those fandom who are offended through any form of social media… i think this could help XiaoZhan! Kip shining everyone! ?

  21. Zhan Xiao is the only one who has a “real name” in the whole story, that’s why people blame on him (see, there’s no other names can be targeted).

  22. 1st, i m a 3rd party trying to b objective. i will like to pt out i have nothing against xz. i did not in anyway boycott him etc… i m not that imbecile nor m i that free. if i buy a product, it will b becaz i believe in that product n not becaz of a pretty face. if i watched a drama, it is becaz i enjoyed the storyline. i did enjoy the untamed. n i m also an avid reader of fanfics for more than 20 yrs.
    i have a brain that i use.

    i just happened to come across this issue as it is so big now so being the bzbody that i m. i had to do some digging. Personally, i will like to c how this saga is going 2 unfold. this look pretty entertaining. human nature at its worst. i better get my popcorn ready. i will like to c how xz is going to handle this. is he going to b a man or a coward? what is his true nature?

    for those who r from another culture, it will b hard for u to understand how the chinese entertainment culture works.
    Just like there r laws in a country that we have to abide by, there r also unspoken rules in the entertainment industry. all workplaces had their own unspoken rules. even when we were in school.

    The western fans and Chinese fans are not of the same group. Xiao Zhan is not a Western star. he is a chinese n his main market is in china. so obviously, it is inappropriate to apply the analogy of the west to him. The relationship between XZ and his fans are of the typical Chinese styles. so he had to abide by its rules.

    his international fans r just supporting him blindly. they have no idea what exactly happened. n they went n condemn the innocent chinese writers of AO3 who had their literary works disappeared over9. they had nothing to do with this mockery in the 1st place. they r dragged into it by XZ's fans.

    this saga actually started because of a fight between 2 groups of xz fans. 1 group that is sole xz, another that is into CP xz. a sole xz fan did not like what a CP xz fan wrote so she organized a mass reporting to the authorities.
    it is no wonder xz is in hiding. no matter what he said, he will offend the other group.

    i did not read the novel yet but those who read the controversy novel said that it is actually quite interesting n had nothing porn. it is more of a self journey by a guy who cross dress as he is on a road of self awareness. n no real names r used.

    These sole XZ fans also reported LOFTER (a chinese fanfic app) n Bilibili to the government. thus resulting in the Chinese government banning a large number of fanfiction on Lofters, censoring Bilibili contents and blocking China's access to AO3. Accounts r also deleted. many users lose their works. so it is not just about AO3.

    Many users of these sites were angry n blamed XZ for not guiding his fans properly. as this is not the 1st time his fans had bashed against other fandoms. This is the last straw. The haystack crumbled. so basically, the creative communities on these sites n other fandoms practically teamed up n strike back at XZ n his fans in retaliation. they boycotted his works n endorsements etc… A fan that had the user name of Peter Pan was reported to Disney for copyrights violation. i dun agree with their methods of retaliation but i understand y.

    After which, it is only then Xz's studio and international fan club issued an apology but it only irked the creative communities more as it did not address the main issue. His team just made some half hearted apology about "occupying public resources during the outbreak of corona virus". I read the apology n it is in Chinese. frankly as an outsider, the thing that came to my mind is WHAT THE HECK…!!! U CALLED THAT AN APOLOGY!!! i would b angry too. the written words had nothing to show that they r remorseful for the saga that happened because of this stupid rivalry between these 2 XZ fractions. This actual issue that they should b apologizing for was never addressed.

    Because of what his fans did n his continued silence, he had became a symbol against the freedom of creation in the chinese entertainment industry. His group should make a sincere apology to the public.

    ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS…. u have 2 b responsible for ur actions. even no action is an act of action. Silence is not always gold, it should b noted that SILENCE CAN BE DEAFENING AT TIMES… which is what is happening now. that is very damning on Xz as this cyber war is started by 2 rivaling fractions of his fans. n which then escalated into fighting between Xz fans n the Chinese creative community because the creative community thinks that it is the fighting between these 2 fractions of XZ fans that caused AO3 2 b ban n also for the censoring of lofters n Bilibili contents. this mess is only going to get bigger as it just got international n a lot of passerbys r attracted. I m. normally, i can't b bothered but i m still pull in by this mockery.

    to the chinese netizens, XZ is guilty because of his non action as he had failed to restrain his team and fans at the very start when it is just an internal fight. this is the chinese culture, it is their way. so dun impose ur cultural values on another race culture.

    n to all international fans out there. who had no idea of what is really going on in China at the start. pls do stop commenting as you guys r only making it worse for xz as the chinese netizens r already laughing at u for the comments that u r all saying when u had no idea what is going on.
    pp who have no idea what the fanfic is about but just have to add their 2 cents worth. a lot of people r saying that Xz is protrayed as a female but he is not. he is just a cross dresser who had an id crisis. there r also a few more reasons but i m too tired to write them all.

    recently, the leader of a church went down on his knees to ask 4 forgivness in front of his nation on live tv as a member of his church is blamed for the outbreak of the virus in s.korea. not the same situation but the context is the same. it is about moral values n accepting responsibility when u should.

    actually, all fanfics are illegal.. and if fanfics are illegal for objectifying celebs.. then the very action of these fans objectifying ur idol as a very good looking person is sexual harassment.. which would be if they were to do this to a normal person in real life..


  23. The fans are fun.(i know what happend.i'm Chinese)
    They call Xiao Zhan "brother".And they can't write "brother"?(A fans in twitter doesn't write "brother", he just expressed my brother in pinyin)
    They want attack ao3,lofter,bilibili,the writers,STEAM……I THINK I KNOW!!!Their enemies is THE WORLD!!!

  24. I've seen comments saying we are many to 'blame the ao3 users'? Are you trying to put words into our mouth? As you can see in top comments – if you don't wish to read all the comments to form an opinion, even though there are gems -, we 'just' do not condone cyber bullying, FROM ALL sides. In fact, many are sympathizing with the ao3 users but of course you would turn a blind eye on it. People defend Xiao Zhan, but not mindlessly.

  25. It's funny to see that a lot of people are treating this whole AO3 thing as unimportant and even blame the victims. This is not a small matter to take light of. They are blaming people because they can't forgive the troublemakers? If there are only saints-like people in the world, there wouldn't be wars and these selfish fans. This is not just about some fanfics. It's about cyberbullying, restricting freedom of expression, irresponsibility, the use of public power in commiting crimes, violating human rights and many more.

  26. A really good perspective published today. Video has English subs. I agree with this perspective ?. Good to know most people are still rational and Xiao Zhan's fans are there for him even more now.

  27. I am Chinese,actually,xiaozhan’s fans report ao3,it’s truth.and they try to roport everything,such as steam,bilibili,and other BL article website,ao3 now was baned in china.thought ao3 is a small monirity web,there have many people in different area read it,so,xiaozhan’s fans make many people angry,just because an article,the whole web was baned,and it make some writer lose their xiaozhan’s fans try to show people how innocent they are,rediculous.oh i forgot to tell you,the Weibo had deleted all message about fans report ao3,for money,you know.last week i open steam web,was band,who did it,i don't know.

  28. Another crazy thing. Xiao Zhan fans keep saying Xiao Zhan is innocent because has nothing to do with it. Some of HIS fans wrote fanfic. THOUSANDS of his fans start all this drama in the name of “maintaining HIS reputation”. And now he has nothing to do with it?

  29. Three things I found craziest in this drama. First, young people listed elaborated instructions on taking advantage of censorship to destroy essays and platforms they don’t like. Seriously, why don’t they just skip the tags they don’t like?
    Second, these same young people, Xian’s Zhan fans, asking angry readers and writers “Why are you so mad at the sneakers? You coward dare not argue with the government”? Come one, if the censorship is not so ridiculous, they cannot make an essay mentioning had job deleted and banned.
    Third, how can a celebrity who keeps a blind eye on his fans harassing and intimating others is described as INNOCENT? If he does not like fanfic, he could just say it. He is like 30 or something. He is not a baby.

  30. Xz is responsible for creating this toxic fandom. And he is a adult , why people like to call him a child??

  31. Are the Chinese bored?

    Is Chinese focus no longer on COVID-19?

    Someone who has never heard of it and her crazy fans, oh my god.


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