Apple's iPhone 7 still outperforms the Google Pixel, but the Pixel's camera is better (Apple Byte)


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An Apple iPhone 7 has exploded, New iPad Pro rumors point to powerful specs in 2017, and we remember Steve Jobs on the 5th anniversary of his passing.

Pixel vs iPhone: 5 things Google does better:
iPhone 7, reviewed:
iPhone 7 Plus: our photo field test:
Did the iPhone 7 survive our water test?

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  1. Its funny how everyone in the comments is talking trash about Apple saying the iphone 7 sucks, and yet Everyone I see has one

  2. Great stuff! I just started taking photos with my Pixel on Instagram – so good. Feel free to follow to stay tuned!

  3. RIP iOS….
    "Meanwhile, Apple's shipped 45.5 million iPhones, down 5.2 percent from the 48 million in the same period last year" read the full article here:

  4. I don't care if the 'pixel' is free and has a 90Mp camera. Google tracks your every move and reads your emails. That alone should make people avoid it and every other 'android' device like the plague.
    Actually paying for the privilege of your privacy being tracked and sold to ad companies is absolute idiocy.

  5. Apple does not manufacture displays. Samsung or LG will be releasing an edge to edge display well in advance of Apple – this is just another BS holographic keyboard rumour that the iPhone 4S was supposed to have. Secondly, the if Apple was only, just now, granted a patent for on-screen fingerprint technology then you can be sure this is years away from happening.

    It's amazing the BS that gets thrown out there, and this guy is probably one of the worst culprits.

  6. Bryan I don't ask for much but please buy that new mac vandal when it's a available and make a super funny skit with u smelling it like a office skit

  7. the only reason apple runs better even when on lesser tech its software is so well made and optimized you wouldn't even notice a difference. not a fan boy I swap from time to time.

  8. I feel like iPhone 7 benchmark tests are a bit redundant at this point. It's all repeating the same thing. The iPhone 7 is faster than any current Snapdragon/Exynos chip. So of course it's going to show that in benchmarks…

  9. The iPhone only out performs Pixel in benchmarks. Pixel has a much better screen, AI, battery, slightly better camera, and once the iPhone's battery dies it takes much longer to recharge. Most of this video isn't even about the pixel or iPhone.

  10. Yeah, no shit. Pixel is only available at Verizon exclusively in the US right now. Whereas the iPhone is available at all carriers.


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