ATEEZ, Dancing Like Butterfly Wings [THE SHOW 190716]


#에이티즈, #DancingLikeButterflyWings
#ATEEZ, Dancing Like Butterfly Wings


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  1. 0:10 okey that "hey" scared me a little bit lol. Also Jongho and San's vocals make me want to cry. TBH this whole video makes me want to cry. Is that normal? 😔

  2. I always comeback to this. There's something about this song that hits me like I know it's a fun song but it makes me tear up, I don't know even know why 😢
    Edit: ok I think I know why, I think it's becuase of the "8 makes 1 team" at the end. They're really going to be successful, I know it

  3. Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily should do this too (they should cover this song, and dance to it too)

  4. So no one is going to talk about that cute aF iNtrO!?!? Smh😔 Also Hongjoong performing with his eye patched + them performing a non title track song + jonghos vocals + their iconic stage presence…I can't, everything was just so-😞👌

  5. I- I- I just- San you're perfect…..

    I've never really heard San sing live and let me just say I'm speechless
    Him ending the song is pure perfection.

  6. This would be a really good song to finish with at a stadium concert! The emotions tho beautiful! Let's go ATEEZ Wembley next 💜


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