Bai Tho Mountain – Best View of Halong Bay!


A story from on our hike to the top of Bai Tho(Poem Mountain). Iniality we were unsure how to find the entrance however after following some questionable locals we found it. If you are unsure of how to find the entrance this video should help.

Some of my camera gear:
Sony A7iii: No Aussie Amazon Sellers Yet:(
Sony 16-35mm F4:
Joby 3K Gorillpod:
Rode VideoMicro:



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  1. you actually shouldn’t have paid the money, you could get the place by yourself. the man and the woman played a trick on you

  2. Hi Christopher, great video you got out there. I’m travelling there next week. But I’m here the place is closed. How old is this footage? Coz the video was uploaded 2 months back.

  3. Hello,can you tell me when you went?  I am planning to go but I keep reading it is closed and that there is no way to pass the fence. So I was wondering how old your footage was.

  4. Hey guys do you remember the street or the name of that hotel? I literally saw that Tripadvisor comment you mentioned and having been trying to find a better explanation of it everywhere


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