Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger – AbareKiller Death


This is original AbareKiller death from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.

Mikoto Nakadai / AbareKiller was originally an enemy of AbaRangers, but his Dino Minder was unstable and could explode after the transformation. Toward the end of the season, Mikoto learns that it lives from childhood Dezomozorya half (God Evorian, the main enemy of the season) and that it makes him invulnerable, and with it, does not give Dino Minder explode. In episode 48 Dezomozorya (the other half of it) trying to combine, sucked out of their half Mikoto (Mikoto in this case evaporates), but Aba Rangers, joining Dino Guts to kill Dezomozorya in Mikoto, in consequence of which he peremtal invincible be, but he was not afraid of death and took his last fight in the form of AbareKiller, destroying the body of the other half of Dezomozorya. After that AbareKiller heroically dies …



  1. このシーンは16年経った今でも強烈に覚えている。当時私は小学1年生。自分だけではなく、家族全員が号泣していた。 


  2. Me: Watching the entire scene like: okay, it's sad but not like i wanna cry and stuff.
    TopGaler: You've made my heart pump enough. You don't have to search for that feeling any longer. Farewell, Mikoto.
    Me: aw shit why my eyes are watery xC

  3. えっ⁉️これ子供向け番組だよね⁉️放送当時一歳だったから内容あんまり覚えてない‼️

  4. This is why I always liked Abaranger More than Other Super Sentai.

    The thing is that this scene proves to us that Super Sentai Isn’t just for kids This scene proves that’s Super Sentai is also for Teens/Adults alike.

  5. ジュウレンジャーのブライ、アバレンジャーの仲代壬琴、キョウリュウジャーのトリン、そしてリュウソウジャーのナダ、もう戦死するとは。。。

  6. Although the late Mikoto Nakadai was among those that were excluded in the Super Sentai Strongest Battle List, how I wished I wanna see him again with Burai, Utsusemimaru and Kanaro for a rumored possible team up with the Ryusoulgers, the LupinRangers, the PatRangers, the Kyoryugers, the AbaRangers and the ZyuRangers next year. Mikoto! Please come back to Earth as a ghost! Your job is not yet over and you have some unfinished business or loose ends here! Also, bring back TopGaler with the other dinosaur, thief and police mechas!

  7. ジュウレンジャーのドラゴンレンジャーとタイムレンジャーのタイムファイヤーの死亡シーンもうpして下さい

  8. "Farewell warrior may your soul R.I.P"
    Seriously why?
    First Burai
    Second Naoto
    Third Mikoto
    All my favourite are gone!?

  9. TopGaler: You've made my heart pump enough. You don't have to search for that feeling any longer. Farewell, Mikoto.

  10. これ何が一番って今まで人間って呼んでたのに最後名前で呼んでるんだよ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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