Baseus Stylus review – for capacitive screens


A capacitive stylus is perfect for devices that have active digitizers. This stylus can be used on any phone, tablet and many laptops.
One of the main reasons why i got this stylus myself was to use it for editing pictures. I do a lot of editing in apps like Snapseed, and it’s easier to use a stylus for this. It also prevents smudging on the screen with fingers.

Get one here:

My camera:



  1. Everyone: Does it work on (Device Name)?
    Simply Unbox It: It should work on any device with a capacitive screen.
    Me: It works on most devices which only detect fingers
    Also Me: Bruh, Do some research

  2. Hello! Great video. Do you know whether this pen respond to pressure? I wanna use with procreate pocket for lettering. Thanks

  3. I just bought this to use on my Samsung edge as I lost the stylus, I thought I can just buy this and use on my phone but it does not work


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