Best Ha Long Bay view! Hiking Bai Tho/Poem Mountain in 2019


Hiking to this viewpoint was a lot trickier than we expected, but ended up being one of the most rewarding experiences of our month in Vietnam! Check out our full guide on how to get to the Bai Tho hike on our blog:

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  1. A rocky road was well worth the view! Halong Bay is truly the best when looked down from above. Nice footage! Further from the crowded center, you'll find the ultimately tranquil getaway called Bai Tu Long Bay. Check out this video for more amazing shots of Bai Tu Long Bay:

  2. oohh we remember your caption guys!! The path is so crazy… definitely the photo will be a beautiful memory forever 😀

  3. This video is awesome, especially the environmental action at the end. I was there in Feb, and had to turn around because I eat too much ice cream and the hole was too small.

  4. That looked steep…And humid! Gorgeous views. Thanks for reminding us to leave places cleaner than we found it. 😉 . Love you guys!


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