Best Login Form in C# Windows Form -Login Form With Material Design ||Using Custom Controls


How Create a Modern Designed Login form Using Windows form Application C#.Best Login Form With Custom Controls-Flat Style Login Form || Advance Level designing With Custom Controls For Download Custom TextBox Control Click On Below Link For Used
Custom Control You Need To Install Visual Power Pack

Tools Required:
1: Visual Studio 2008 or Later.
2: JCotrols :
3:Visual Power Pack :



  1. Thanks bro, I am new to programming but I am loving this video. I just have a problem I used the controls in my visual studio applications. When I click login it does not seems to recognise that data has been entered in the text box. How do solv this.? Thanks.

  2. I have been trying to clear the textbox when the password goes wrong but it say something like " 'Bunifu.Framework.UI.BunifuMetroTextbox' does not contain a definition for 'Clear' and no extension method 'Clear' accepting a first argument of type 'Bunifu.Framework.UI.BunifuMetroTextbox' "


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