Boom!!! Bypass iCloud iOS 13.3-13.3.1 fix all button, Wifi, Appstore


I show you better method to bypass icloud iOS 13.3 – 13.3.1 all button working, fix wifi disable after downgrade. You can use iphone to download app on app store, play game .. (can’t call now) 100% working model iPhone 6s to X.


/* Thanks to Leomanrique for tool ShiftKey

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  1. Error 1:

    python.exe: can't open file '': [Errno 2] No such file or directory
    ==> you must copy 3 file,, usbmux.pyc to C:Python27
    Error 2: app Succession can't open after edit file info
    ==> Need add item exactly: Name: SBIsLaunchableDuringSetup SBI( characters i uppercase ) i uppercase not l
    Error 3: After bypass => respring can't open home screen =>>> re bypass set passcode in setting and respring.
    Error 4: After reboot iPhone will bootloop, you need run Jailbreak checkra1n again

  2. hello why is it that the bypass tool isn't working on windows it shows error whenever I try to me out .it needs windows 8 alone

  3. Я по этому способу только смог разблокировать его (больше ни как) нам в эту сторону надо идти мужики

  4. Iphone SE – after ShiftKey and respring — home button doesn't work – I can't get into the phone. In your video it somehow works. What is the magic?

  5. when i tap on checkra1n loader it says "the internet connections appears to be offline" even tho its connected to a wifi… what can i do? help plz

  6. kindly help I am getting an error;
    Remove OTA and reboot to stock then try again.

    Solution ?

  7. can you please try and get us a working checra1n 0.9.2.and 0.9.7 so we can downgrade we can only get 0.9.8 thats why i cant downgrade thanks.

  8. I have problems with the wifi. It connects me but it throws me that there is no internet connection .. when I am using it normally with other devices. I cannot enter the appstore or install cydia because of this problem. Any solution?? Thank you

  9. when i get to bypass after it restores it dos,nt work when i click on bypass 13.2.3 it just go baclk to the hellow page an home nutton sticks

  10. Help iclohd bypass for ios 13 im using linux to jailbreak and success to mainscreen but cydia crashing and cant install via the checkra1n app

  11. i couldn't install cydia on my iphone 6s coming from 13.3, and i'm getting ready to try ios 13.3.1. i tried using 0.9.6 and 0.9.7. both threw ota prestaged error but through bootstrap and something else.

  12. icloud bypass-ShiftKey v1.0 unhandled exception has occurred in your application. if you click continue the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue


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