Button Click Sound in Android Studio


Hello, this time we’re adding sound on button click in our android app. Feel like insane ? No matter !!

Hope that was a great tutorial for you.

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  1. I have a few buttons and they hav sound. But i pressing on first button and then i pushing the second button but still contunie first sound too. first one isnt stop. I want that, when i push a button first button must to stop. How can i do? Could you help me pls?

  2. is it possible to put duration in the music? For example the user input 3 mins and the music will stop in 3 mins? if it is can you teach me how?

  3. Hello. does it also apply in imageview? well, i used imageview as a button instead of a button itself. I hope you know what i mean. Currently developing an android app atm 🙂

  4. nice video but if you click this button with click effect many times the media player not playing , i don't know why, anyone can help me that problem? or have other way to put click effect on my buttons

  5. Bro i need a help, if possible help me

    Actually i am created a app in that app total 50 buttons are there in different different activities, these all buttons will play different audios but still 25 buttons everything is fine but when i pressed 26th, 27th, 28th…….50th button then there is no audio.
    I am Used Media player coading to play audio

  6. sir why my app is fast on my phone and slow on the other phone ….when my friends downloaded my app from play store they told me that my app is too slow ..solution please

  7. hello guys i need your help.

    the sounds still runing when i exit the app or when i close my phone…and i have to close all the runing aps to stop the sound…
    give me the code please?
    i need help
    (Android studio)

  8. Hey bud, I have a question. I set multiple buttons with an audio, inside a fragment activity. But when I ran my app, it only plays half of them while the rest can't play anything. You have any idea what's causing this?

  9. Heyy Great Tutorial, but I was getting an error in MediaPlayer.create(this, "R.raw.sample"); line
    So I put an Uri.parse statement around it it solved the error, but now when I click the Button it shows "App stopped responding"
    Help me Please.

  10. I want to incorporate record button with multiple sound making buttons. In which user can share that recorded sound how can I accomplish this objective? Do you have any videos regarding this?

  11. Hello again,this tutorial works fine for one button but what if i want to make a sound board ,it means two buttons or more ,how does that work exactly ,what should i change and what should keep when using this code that you used in this video .

  12. how can i add a speech when the button is click. for example the button has a text of click me then it will sound click me when clicked

  13. Hey, It worked for me. But how do I add more buttons to It. Because when I add another one. But the button just doesn't work because i can't add another final MediaPlayer and not another setonclicklistener. And at the beginning bt= (Button)findViewById (R.id.Bn3 for me then) doesn't work.

  14. Everytime I run my app it opens my sound in my Windows Media Player.. I hit the wrong thing, do you know how i can reset it??? driving me crazy


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