Bypass FRP Samsung S10e | S10 | S10 plus November Security patch without PC


I show you new method bypass FRP Google Account ALL Samsung Galaxy Devices working with Security patch November 01, 2019, this method use PIN SIM, PUK SIM

Video tested work 100% on Samsung S10 SM-G9730F U3, binary 3

You need watch video. i guide step by step ….

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  1. Doesn't work anymore. When you put the sim card in it just stays on that screen. Anyone got any solutions that work now? 24-01-2020?

  2. Trick is not to turn the screen off and on. Actual trick is to quickly hit next right after you insert sim, once you take the sim out again, you'll have the opportunity to hit unlock key and grab on the notification screen. Like this: Goto Wifi settings page > insert sim > quickly press next before screen turns off > eject sim > hit unlock icon > grab onto notification bar

  3. Amazong , it actually worked !! 20 Dec 2019 ! Never thought that I can do it but it worked!! It takes a few good , frustration tryes till you get it but it worked!! Cheers mate!!

  4. I dont understand, you have a second to touch the little lock. I have 0.1 second, before i touch next the little lock 1 in your video already dissapear when I press next


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