[C# Application] How to create c# application Setup with SQL Server DataBase


[C# Application] Deploy Your .Net App and install DataBase
Project with c# :

Advanced Installer + Crack :

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  1. I have mistake in SQL querry, you do not show the app connection string and why detach from SQL Server 2012 and then add SQL Server 2008 as prerequisities. The mistake I have is – cannot open database requsted by the login. You detach then with sql script create the same database and by this way I have error, something in this video is missing ..

  2. after install .exe application in client. application force client to run as administrator.
    application requirement is sqlserver express 2014.
    I want to run application not as administrator "any user can run application".

  3. cannot add .net framework on the prerequisites.
    there is an error: This project [fragment] was edited with a newer version of Advanced installer [14.1] and cannot be loaded.

    Please help.

  4. I got an error – consult with windows installer sdk for command line error when I was testing sql databse connection in Advanse installer.

    please help me


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