C# BackgroundWorker and ProgressBar with Cancellation


C# BackgroundWorker Tutorial and Example with ProgressBar.


Backgroundworker;Progress bar;Cancelling;Threads;
What is one functionality that I cannot do without when making a fairly complex application,its Threads.Yet background worker provides us with a simple class called background worker that abstracts away the difficulty leaving it fairly simple.
We’ve written this tutorial with a step by step approach and clear comments…..Enjoy.
We’ve covered :
BackgroundWorker DoWork;
Completed;CancelAsync; etc



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  3. Hi. Great video.I´m having a little problem with RunWorkerCompleted event.It is not invoked after DoWork is completed.Can you help?Thanks.

  4. This is really a great help to me, since its my first time to use the background worker. Thank you very much for this video toturial.

  5. Really helpful. Thanks for making these videos. One thing abt the video. even after cancelling, the whole work completed. so use a return or break statement to stop the work. sorry for bad english

  6. This was really helpful, thank you for explaining things so it was easy to understand what each item is doing and why it is needed.  Question: how did you add the Background Worker from the toolbar?  I don't see that option in mine.  Thanks!


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