C# Beginners Tutorial – 14 – Do and Do While


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  1. is the do while loop only for 64 bit? I have a 32 bit operating system and it just crashed when i tried the exact same code he used 🙁

  2. Hey. I'm a noob to coding but I want to make video games and mods and C# seems like a great starting point and I have to say, I'm loving it! But…

    Can it be used in the professional industry? Like I would have to go to school to get a degree would C# help with that?

    For any elder scrolls modders here would this be helpful to learn papyrus? I'm assuming so except for the events.

  3. people that skip episodes shouldn't expect to get much better in C#.
    I've seen a lot of questions about "+=" witch was in the last episode or the one before it, if your gonna skip don't expect to understand anything at episode 75 and further

  4. there is difference, do while loop will execute the code at least once no matter whether the condition is true or not.

  5. I really like these videos, the concepts are explained very well, but the backgroud noise from the mic really makes my head hurt.

  6. I love how he always says "see you guys" in such a monotone voice at the end of each of his videos, always makes me chuckle a lil bit 😛

  7. I'm just gonna go ahead and ask: checking your code I noticed you didn't use "+=" after textBox1.Text, you used "=" instead; was this a typo? or is it not really necessary to use "+". Thanks in advance (:

  8. its easy , he is printing out the variable i so in order to make it descending start with an int that is equal to 9 and make the while loop like this :
    int i = 9;
    while(i => 0)
    textBox1.Text = (i.ToString());

    and thats it 🙂


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