C# Beginners Tutorial – 44 – SaveFileDialog


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  1. please help me. I have made a WinForms application, and I have inserted many radio buttons, checkbox, Slider and textbox. When I open the Winforms app, it will show me the radio buttons, checkbox, Slider and textbox. And I made some changes in the app by click checkbox, radio buttons and write something in the Textbox. I want to save the changes in the app or I want to save it as a file to open these changes further. please help me to use "Savefiledialog" to save the changes made in the app.

  2. The background noise is rain! When he looks at his desktop it shows that its raining outside. Now I will have to keep up with series just to check my theory lol

  3. I kinda agree with Ghaleon15. If you're able to remake this video.
    Can you (Please) add a "if" statement (in case file exists), with an example of "File.Copy", "File.Delete", etc?

    Keep up the these awsome tutorials (Like i said before; there's no one explaining C# better that you).

    Best Regards
    Thanks in Advance.

  4. When i use BinaryWriter and try to duplicate this result. My code inserts a 13 or . as the first char. Unless I use StreamWriter which doesnt. It wasn't the length of the string either, that was > 13.

  5. @tlongo2 You got to make an instance of BinaryWriter and then acces the dispose method. You can't use it like System.IO.BinaryWriter.Dispose(); because it is not a static method.

  6. I'm getting an error on the Dispose() method.

    "System.IO.BinaryWriter.Dispose" is inaccessible due to its protection level.



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