C# Beginners Tutorial – 84 – Timer Control


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  1. This tutorial is missing loads of vital info. Why didn't you explain the difference between System.Timers.Timer and System.Threading.Timer? it's really important. also it's best to programatically implement the event listener as an async Task or Action so it doesn't interrupt your main thread. This is a tutorial for NOOBS, if you use timers like this for a serious project, your gonna lose your job

  2. Hi sir? I want to know how to put timer control to WPF components toolbar? can you help me plss? your help may improve my game

  3. create a variable to track a value starting at zero, then for the timer, just do button1.Position.X = yourVariableName * 10;
    this will move it 10 pixels each time.

  4. How can you do an object move by itself using a timer? For example if i want it to move from left to right. If it reach the edge to comeback and viceversa. Sorry for my english it's not my mother language.


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