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Learn and understand constructors in C#

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  1. Good tutorial. Resharper is great but right clicking add class isn't a big deal, don't turn it into one. Most people here aren't professionals we are just here to learn. It's good to learn how to do things manually especially as newbies.

  2. Please stop using var in everything, this is horribly bad practice, this is not JavaScript, it should only be used in very few scenarios. Also, why in the world are you putting your List into an empty Constructor when this can be done inline within the field? I'm seeing lots of bad practice in this video.

  3. Hi Mosh. Thanks for explaining this topic well :).

    I just want to ask why "this." isn't needed for the "Orders" when you initialized it in the first Customer constructor? So "this.Orders = "

  4. Hi Mosh, thank you for the great video!

    I have a question:
    is it wrong to initialize variables or objects once you declare them instead of doing that in the constructor??

    Thanks in advance!

  5. This was very smooth and easy to follow, thank you!

    For those not using ReSharper when making a new class do not add a namespace and if it has one remove it or your class will not work!

  6. Hey, thanks a lot, great videos in this channel, i subscribe, everything is clear.
    voice/presentation/Steps order, i learn more from u, thanks for all.

  7. Thank you. I did not know that when we create a constractor, the default one disappears and we need to declare parametrless constractor. You answered the question I had so many troubles with)) I wish I watched this earlier)) Thank you


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