C# – Drop Text File To Read in RichTextBox WinForm App


Hey Friends, This is SaLaaR HuSyN, Coming back with another Video, In this tutorial we’ll learn how to read a dragged and droped text in Rich TextBox in Visual C# ..

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  1. I need help, when i try to write: richTextBox1.loadfiles(fileNames[0]); i get this error : "RichTextBox""does not contain a definition for "loadfile" and no extension method… can someone help me?

  2. Hello I would like to learn how to make a user access form.

    It registers the user name, the time of the start of the session, the time that the session ended, the day that was in the system, and the time that was left in the system.

    Example: Gpp user logged in at 10:30 am, finished at 8:21 pm the other day. On 10-10-2017, it stayed in the system for 34h51

    C#-Windows form Application

  3. Hi, your videos are really awesome, I would like to request a video of making a cool listview design 😊 thank you in advance and God bless


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