C# – DropDown Panel in Windows Form Application C#


Hello Friends, This is SaLaaR HuSyN, in this very Quick tutorial we’ll learn how to design a custom dropdown menu using Panel in windows form application C#.

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  1. It works. Fast time click the button drop down. but how the panel is closed automatically when i click another button.

  2. Thank you for this video, help a lot ♥️ but one more thing, how can I display another user control when clicking the button in the drop down panel? Pls reply, I need ur help? – it's okay, already can XD

  3. hello sir how are you, thank you for your good work well appreciated but I have a problem when I run the form the panel dropdown panel run the back of the buttons bot pushing them. to expand, so how can you help me to fix that error. thank you.

  4. what is isCollapsed and i have done each nd everything same except that arrow sign so where i should write timer1.start(); plx rep thanks

  5. Error at statement – panelDropDown.Height += 10;
    Error msg – Invalid expression term and panelDropdown does not exist in the current context


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