C# Edge 04 – C# OpenFileDialog


has all my video tutorials with source code in an organized cyber-library. In this tutorial I describe the OpenFileDialog which lets you open a file by browsing your computer directories. Filters (limiting what files you allow the user to see), retrieve fully qualified vs. short file names, and checking whether or not a file is actually selected are also discussed.



  1. Thanks for the compliment and the feedback. One of the main differences between C++ and C# is C# avoids pointers like the plauge. You can use them but you first have to declare the code an "unsafe context" sort of like announcing "I'm being bad here and I know it" 🙂

  2. Anyway, you got it solved later in the lesson–but maybe others will benefit from this comment. Thanks again though, for all the effort you've made with this C# series. It's very obvious to see how deep your knowledge of this material is, and I plan to watch every one of your 160+ videos (listed on your site). Great stuff!!!

  3. Enjoying your videos very much–thank you for the effort! I haven't programmed in C# much in the past year, so these are an excellent review for me. As for your OFD filter issue, if you watch the beginning of your video, you have the pipes in the right spot. However starting at 1:23, you are "talking with your cursor" and accidentally dragged the "Text Files" string to the right of the first pipe–and then did the same thing again for the "*.txt" string. So that's how your pipes got messed up.


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