C# for beginners – 1. Intro and Install


NOTE: Link to download 2017 RC has been moved. On the Downloads page, scroll down to the Visual Studio 2017 RC rollout, find it there.

Welcome to a brand new series covering all the basics of C#. In this playlist I’m going to cover the skills you need to get started with the programming language and then move into more specific skills, such as making Windows Applications, Unity3d Games and potentially Cross platform Mobile Apps.


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  1. Hi,

    Nicely explained.
    First time somebody told that C# has package for unity. Hats off. Atleast got one thing cleared about it.

    I downloaded C#, but 2019 shows a different page, but takes you to the same location to download C# for unity and python.

    After downloading, I was curious, can we make python code here?

  2. Hi there Mr Dingle… First of all – thanks for putting up these excellent videos! Your style of teaching is just my kind of taste… really like how you structures and naming the videos that makes it easy to find back again (yes, do have a highly developed goldfish brain)

    As I've understand, C# is the real deal now a days (?) my idea was to extend my experience from VBA into VB.Net but finally I've decided to just jump straight for C# … Why? Because, according to you Mr. D … I can!

    Anyway, cant wait for the rest of your shows! (…prefer to call them that, as they're also quite funny 😉


    PS – To anyone wondering if they're gonna stick on this channel: sit down and pop those popcorns


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