C#: How to Browse Files, Folders, and Directories


Expand this to get the source code: An example of how to work with the file system in Visual Basic .NET and Visual Studio 2010. This video shows you how to browse drives, folders, and files in a Windows Forms application (though it would work exactly the same in an ASP.NET Web application). This video can help you prepare for the 70-536, 70-515, and 70-511 MCTS or MCPD exams. A C# version of this video is also available. This video is part of a tutorial to help you get started with .NET Framework development. For the complete tutorial, visit To download the source code for this project, visit .



  1. Tony, I was glad to find out you have done some programming in addition to your extensive photography career. This assures me that the technical info in your videos is legit. If this is read on T&C Live, Tony, when was the last time you wrote some code and what was it for?

  2. I do like your video, you are clear and precise Thank you. I did how ever need to restrict certain directories and files. How would I go about excluding restricted directories and or files?

  3. Hey Tony! Do you know if it is possible to browse on a shared drive using c#? I have a client server application and I want to browse in the server when i run the client app.
    Thanks for a good video!

  4. its not working on my vs2010 ,2012 its giving me error on

    the best overloaded method whats its mean

    plz help

  5. Thanks that was great. But how do i display files and folders in the same listbox. I want to do something like total commander. Pls help me.


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