C# – How to Print a PictureBox [QRCode] in WinForm Application


Hey Friends, This is SaLaaR HuSyN, Coming back with another Video, In this tutorial we’ll learn how to print a picturebox in WinForm Apps Visual C# ..

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  1. Use this for Saving picture (As Button)

    SaveFileDialog save = new SaveFileDialog();

    save.Filter = "JPEG files (*.jpg)|*.jpg";//change for your needs

    if (save.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)




  2. Hi bro.. thnx for providing such a nice videos all the time.. i have a small request.. please make an videos on "Tab control" & "DataGrid control" in ur stylish way.. hope so we can get videos on these two.. thnx in advance

  3. Please make a video on changing label languages during runtime. For example, changing "Goat" to the French or German. thanks

  4. @C#Ui Acedemy
    Can you make a draggable form that work perfectly when maximized to normal?
    My meaning: When maximized, drag the form will restore down to normal. I want that restore direction that toward to cursor position. So the cursor still stay in the form. Just like now day application work
    PS: Boarderless

  5. Great video very east method. Esi method ko follow kar ke ham barcode print krwa sakty he kya , barcode and Product price b sath ho ge barcode.

  6. Please make a video on real-time project CRUD operation using 3 tier architecture, With database interaction and With good design.


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