C# intermediate full course in english 2017


here is a C# intermediate full course in english 2017….
This is a full video of c# intermediate course in which you will learn about classes ,interfaces,polymorphism and oops……

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  1. Index – Will update this list as I listen to the course – and thank you.
    About this course: https://youtu.be/M3lqkuZQBcM
    Agenda: https://youtu.be/M3lqkuZQBcM?t=177
    What is a class: https://youtu.be/M3lqkuZQBcM?t=186
    Real-world example of classes: https://youtu.be/M3lqkuZQBcM?t=208
    What is an object:
    Static members:
    Object Inititalisers: https://youtu.be/M3lqkuZQBcM?t=2374

  2. I wish you wouldn't hate on the ref modifier so much, like in C++ you use & and references all the time. It gives people a bad impression just because it's weird, it has its uses just like every other keyword and modifier, otherwise it wouldn't have been created

  3. He's being annoying with resharper and snippets, majority of good programmers don't use reshaper and only some snippets, waste of tiem learning how to fast instead of how to.


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