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C# Sales and Inventory Management System Code :

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This Is A Full Demo Of The Project I Already Make Quick Demo Tutorial You Can Watch It From Here :

This Project Is Created Using .net technology ( windows form)
– c# programming language .
– Sql Server 2014.
– Visual Studio 2013 ( visual studio 2013 express ) .
What This C# Project Can Do :
. this c# project is created to manage store inventory, customers, products, orders and more.
. once The User Login Into The Application He Can :
– Manage Product (Insert, Update, Delete, Search, Show)
– Manage Categories (Insert, Update, Delete)
. navigate in the categories
. show products in the selected categories In listbox or datagridview
. Manage Customer (Insert, Update, Delete)
. navigate customers
. show customer orders count
. show customer orders total amount
. show customer last order date
– Manage Orders
. show all customers
. show customer orders
. show order product
. show product in specific categories
. insert order
. insert order details
and Print Selected Order With His Detail In A PDF File
if you can understand this code you can create your own application
once you download the rar file you can find the source code and the sql server database script
Controls Used in this ( windows form application c# ) :
label, textbox, listbox, datagridview, button, panel, picturebox, images, form,
rewatch this videos:

see the previous demo:

Get This C# Project Source Code From Here:

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vb.net version of this project:

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  1. ▶ Download The Source Code: http://1bestcsharp.blogspot.com/2016/08/csharp-inventory-system-source-code.html

    Q: where is the database script ?
    A: with the source code

    Q: i can't login what to do ?
    A: add new user (username,password) to table "user"

    Q: can you do one with access database ?
    A: Nope

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  2. Hi Sir

    Sorted the Order ID. Made some changes in the coding.
    Getting there slowly but steadily.

    But the below are still not sorted.


    document.AddCreator("Inventory App");


    document.AddSubject("Customer Order");

    document.AddTitle("Order Details");

    Please assist. Much appreciated.


  3. Hello

    I sorted the issues per my previous comments.

    However, when I print order details cannot print the following:

    document.AddCreator("Inventory App");


    document.AddSubject("Customer Order");

    document.AddTitle("Order Details");

    Also when you insert order the order id shows 3. But the table is blank and got an error. So had to insert two orders manually. I think this needs to be sorted.

    Hope you will reply and assist.


  4. Hello Sir

    I have a question.

    Without inserting or entering directly into the tables i.e. category, user, customer for the very first time, can't we populate the tables directly from the program.


  5. Hello Sir

    Resolved login and DB.

    However, when i click on category and customer getting an error 'There is no row at position 0.'

    Assist please.


  6. Hi Sir

    I did buy the code. I am using SSMS 17.2 Cannot find My_DB database. When I execute I am getting an error.

    Please assist.


  7. hi brother i m from ghana how i would buy this code because in (pay with credit card there is no option for Ghanaians thank u .

  8. Plz make the project telephone connection system. i am a student and sir give me the task to make this project plz help me its most most important for me…….

  9. Greetings sir.nice project.please I have some questions.I have bought the source code but have issues connecting to the sql server after importing the code.Thought VS will take care of that somehow

  10. This is pretty cool, but these programs are just too complicated for me! I looked around for a super simple app and I have been trying out Sortly Pro. So far it is fantastic, and since it was made for small businesses it fits my little shop perfectly. Love the price, too 😉 I am so happy that there are finally some new options after the market being so stagnant for the past several years.

  11. hi dud how you ? you have no idea how much i like your work but a little bit difficulties how can i attach the database please i am using sql server 2012 would you pleas give me some clue or steps. when i browse to attach the database i can't find the sql script

    please help me!!!

  12. problem found ! stock is not working correctly. for example. any customer order any product… product stock 10 for example. order now 5 , stock now 5 it is true order again for example 10 stock is -5 . it is not correct


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