C# Multithreading Tutorial – Creating and Implementing Tasks in C#


In the C# programming language and .NET library, there are many ways to go about creating multi-threaded applications. One such way is by using the Task class available in .NET to create and run background tasks and a single or multiple threads in order to process data sets, increase application performance, or simply perform non-critical background processes without interfering with the UI thread or requiring end user input. Tasks are just one way of handling multithreading and stand apart from the Thread class in that they do not directly manipulate operating system threads.

Tasks can be run for a large host of purposes, large and small, and can be run both Synchronously and Asynchronously as well as run concurrently alongside other tasks, report their status, and even return data or manipulate the UI thread while running. Tasks are a very powerful and quite flexible solution to processing large tasks and data sets.

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  1. As a database programmer with no experience in UI or Windows threading – this was an OUTSTANDING introduction. Thank you! Can't wait to watch the follow-on videos.

  2. I am not affiliated in any way with the person who posted this, but wanted to put in my 2 cents. Some of the comments here say that the 4-minute intro and um's and uh's aren't helpful. But I have to say, for me, this video is useful and informative. The intro is on topic and gently helped me dredge up multithreading concepts from college courses decades ago. A well done tutorial, gets me up and running with multithreading in C# with .NET on Visual Studio easily and quickly. Kudos to the presenter, very nice of them to take this time to post it. NOTE: Although this tutorial is usable on its own for simple multithreading, the presenter actually has 5 more follow-on videos that show more advanced C# .NET multithreading concepts (click on the person who posted this and look for their "C# Multithreading" playlist). I'm going to go watch the second video now.

  3. Takes 4 minutes to start tutorialing. I mean thanks for making the vid, it's useful, but that's not an intro, that's a tangentially relevant audiobook.

  4. talking too much from the start … sorry, just want to find out how to use them.. you have been talking for over 3 minutes and haven't even started yet

  5. It would be nice to have the code of sample applications and the project files installed on GitHub. Thank you so much for your good work


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