C# – MySQL Database Records Navigation Buttons First, Next, Previous, Last In C# [With Source Code]


Navigation through MySQL Database Data with NEXT, PREVIOUS, LAST, FIRST buttons In C#

Source Code:

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in this c# tutorial we will see how you can navigate from mysql database record to another
with buttons first, next, previous, last using c#
first to connect c# to MySQL and to do this watch this video:

and follow this c# video
thanks for watching
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MySQL Database Records Navigation Buttons First, Next, Previous, Last In C# [With Source Code]

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  1. a helpful video .. i want to ask u i have questions and options in a table along with difficulty level, all i wanna do is to select a diff level from combo box and want the question of that diff level to b displayed on win form radiobuttons n text box? problem is when i select the combo box value it displays the recent one question not all when i click next… any solution… thnxxx


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