C#.Net Basics: Learn BackgroundWorker in a simple way


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In this unedited class of mine, you can learn the basics of BackgroundWorker in C#. Background worker is used in cases where the processing code is too large and UI gets no notification and has no idea when the code is going to be completed. In this class, I not only try to explain you BackgroundWorker but also give you an idea of when to use it and how to use it efficiently.



  1. Sir Can you explain how to use backgroundworker and progressbar while taking SQL Server database Backup or Restore in C#?

  2. I would like to add one more point:

    Never try to interfere UI from DoWork() method. Use ProgressChange for the same.

  3. A very precise article on Backgroundworker, which haunts many developer.
    Moreover, it covers a few simple topics of C# as well like static, type cast, box-unbox, threading.


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