C# Object Oriented Programming Basic to Advance


Speaker : Alim Ul Karim
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Alim Ul Karim
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Sildes PDF:

or or

Namspace and functions

All the rest you need to know about C# is there.

05:05 Class
26:01 var VS. Dynamic
28:46 Static: class, member, function
Boxing and UnBoxing
36:57 Passing reference parameter in function.

Why Generics Better than regular object type.
53:18 Inheritance
Relationship type IS-A
1:36:00 Relationship type HAS-A (Modular Approach)
Extend with Extension methods
1:26:40 Encapsulation
C# getter setter
1:54:58 Polymorphism
2:11:32 Method Overloading
Method Overriding
2:11:51 Generic
Access Modifiers
2:25:50 Strategy Design Pattern (modify HAS-A relationship)


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  1. Thank you very much.
    unfortunately there was the annoying sounds in the background. but still the video is great and helpful.
    can you please upload the slides again, since the link in the description is not working .

  2. Your tutorial is really good and covers really good concepts. Tiny advice, simplify your examples and clarify your class/.cs files names to be easier for you to move around the solution while you explain. Also, close the window, lots of car noises come through it ahahha. Thanks again man.

  3. THANK YOU!!! Awesome OOP explanation.
    I don't understand this people complaining about the noise, even demanding re-recording! Come on! He put is own time to do this video for all of us.
    THANK YOU again

  4. Thank you! The visuals are POWERFUL. Brings us, the viewer – straight into comprehension, no lost in-between. Your teaching style is GODLY. I hope, life is going immensely well for you and those you appreciate. Are the slides still available?? I will gladly PayPal. I value the knowledge more importantly – how you are teaching it.

  5. I'm always wondering do people realize that they make very low quality video's, I mean sound aspect, post it online and like -> take this shit.

  6. You really do need to redo this video because of the really BAD background noise! For someone as intelligent as you appear to be, you should understand this and should have recorded in a quiet place!

  7. Thank you for knowledge. It help me a lot. Your logic is very understandable and you explain things very well. I have learnt lot of things. 🙂

  8. Whether the parameters are primitive or non primitive types the value doesn't changed in value type and changed in ref type..
    Is this right ?


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