C# "Operating System" | MoonLight OS Alpha | + Download


I am proud to present to you MoonLight OS, a simulated virtual “Operating System”.
Of course it’s not really an Operating System, but it kind of has the feel to it and I haven’t really come up with a better name yet.
This is the first version which is publicly released, anyone can download and use MoonLight OS for free.
The Application is fully working right now, but it’s still just in the Alpha Version, so it might have some bugs or errors. If you can find any, please report them using the built-in Report System in the Control Tab.
I always appreciate feedback, comments, remarks and likes. If you don’t like this video, I would like you to at least tell me why, and I will try to improve that in the next video.

Download (Windows 7 / 8 only):

(XP and Vista Version is currently in Development.)



  1. You Moron this is not an OS, you just wrote a windows program with a bunch of screens and you call it an OS, I am just wondering that you are doing some beginners course in C# and then just wanted to create stuff like calculator (which BTW is already there in windows). Can't stop laughing

  2. Do you have a tutorial on how to create programming languages? I noticed you said in the console you wrote a language called moon. I've been dying to learn how to write a programming language

  3. nice with more updates i bet this could be realsed to the market

  4. hello, I want to try make own operating system in C# .how to beging.i know c# programing..pls any one suggest how to make it..#schnjain769@gmail.com

  5. I was watching and it looks like it's running off of the windows gui,but why not go in and boot off of it in something like vmware

  6. I don't think you know what an OS is.

    This is a form with other forms within.

    I'd love to see you actually making an OS in 80×86 assembly set.

  7. Like you I admire moonie typed stuff (and by extension universe network etc) and based my java simulated OS via moonie typed stuff. Ended up calling mine "lunos" OS.

    It is more revolutionary than standard take a look my moon friend.:

    watch in 720p..cheers from Jamaica

  8. when i try to log in it says
    "Es wurde kein Erkennungsmodul mit der erforderlichen ID gefunden.
    Parametername: culture."
    i dont know how to fix


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