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Data Types : 2:40
Arithmetic : 6:02
If Statement : 9:19
Switch Statement : 12:01
Ternary Operator : 13:08
Arrays : 13:49
For Loop : 16:30
While Loop : 17:56
Do While Loop : 19:42
User Input : 20:27
Convert String : 20:56
Strings : 21:39
Vectors : 27:47
Functions : 30:16
Recursive Function : 32:37
File I/O : 34:57
Exception Handling : 38:38
Pointers : 40:02
Reference Operator : 40:25
Classes / Objects : 47:12
Private : 47:55
Static Variables : 48:21
Public / Encapsulation: 49:02
Constructors : 50:42
Static Functions : 51:46
this : 53:16
Inheritance : 57:29
Call Superclass Constructor : 59:14
Execute Static Method : 1:00:34
Virtual Methods : 1:02:45
Polymorphism : 1:07:39
Abstract Data Type : 1:08:29

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  2. Hi! I already watched your video's on InkScape, which rocks too! Now I just watched this video on C++. I studied C++ before so it's just been refreshing. Can you give me a tip for ongoing studies? Thank you,
    Leon (Joh)

  3. Watched all of it. 🙂 Reviewing C++, because I haven't coded in it since vectors were an extension, and not part of the language. Soooo… 2,000,000 years or so.

  4. I'm just starting to learn C++. I created my first "Hello World" and a small program for calculating your age at the time of your death. So I know I have much to learn. Your video gave me some ideas for creating an Text-based RPG story line and some objects to create and interact with. However, I have a long way to go before I understand the language as fluently as you. I hope one day, I have such a great grasp of the language. Thank you for posting this!

  5. I have an interview for a position that uses C++. I know Java/object oriented programming really well, I just need the change of syntax for C++. Wish me luck!

  6. 4.3 million people have seen this, I wonder how much is the actual C++ programmers in the world. I guess they are less that they are not more than 4 million. And most of them, just have not seen this tutorial, they do not need to!

  7. awesome video if someone wants a transition from c language to c++ ,The best time managing and efficient video I've encountered.

  8. You own the Boll Weevil Landscaping Company and want to create a program to estimate the cost of the services you provide. You provide the following services:


    Cost per square yard







    Fertilize and Insecticide






    The program will create the following output to the screen:

    Boll Weevil Landscaping Company

    Yard Maintenance Cost Estimate

    Cost Estimate for customer # – 123 for 1412.00 square yards of yard.


    Cost Estimate for Mowing at .02 per square yard: $ 0.00

    Cost Estimate for Fertilizer at .05 per square yard: $ 0.00

    Cost Estimate for Insecticide at .05 per square yard: $ 0.00

    Cost Estimate for Fertilizer and Insecticide at .08 per square yard: $ 112.96

    Cost Estimate for Tilling at .10 per square yard: $ 0.00

    Cost Estimate for Mulching at .12 per square yard: $ 169.44

    Total cost of the job is: $ 282.40

    The shapes used are: Square, Triangle, Circle, Partial Circle and Ellipse. Based on the dimensions entered, calculate the square yards for each shape selected in the application. Keep a running total of the square yards.

    The flow of the application is to first prompt the users for the customer number, then prompt the user for which service or services they want performed. Then prompt the user to enter the shape of the yard and calculate the square yards for that shape. The customer can request more than one service and have more than one shape for the total job. You will need to keep a running total for each service based on the total area of the yard (include all shapes). Output the results to the screen.

    You must find the formulas to use in your flowchart or pseudo-code for the shapes and use the accumulator variable to save the running totals.



    Dec 16 at 12:52pm (late)

    Submission Details

    Download Boll Weevil Assignment flow chart assigment 6.vsdx

    Grade: 1 (10 pts possible)

    Graded Anonymously: no


    This is not the mid-term. It looks like assignment 4.

    DAVID R. PHILLIPS, Nov 25 at 9:05am

    Hmm. You need some work on this. Again you are using variable names that are vert hard to follow. It looks like you enter the average and total points instead of calculating them in your code.

    ca you help on this

  9. Thank you! I've completed a bootcamp in C and now moving forward to C++ so this is a perfect overview of the differences between the 2 languages. It also made a lot of things much clearer regarding Java. Thanks again it's brill!


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