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  1. Is there any way to show the graph for one data row at a time, rather than showing all of them at the same time?

  2. can you please show how to use the chart for calculating the
    number of married and unmarried data?

  3. Congratulations. You are great!

    I need a help….how can I multiply or do aritmetics operations between the values from two or more tables?!?

  4. Till now your tutorial is excellent  , and I have succesfuly done with it now my problem is i need to edit / update the data by adding a Button called UPDATE , please help me , I have searched through many sites , but i could not get it for .sdf DB

      I am using local database.sdf  , please help me @

  5. This was a beautiful Collection of Tutorial Bro, I sheared with all my friends even the once that were having problem making software were able to use it.
    Just to add to your tutorial on adding data to new row it better ifthe developer add the following code
    " employeeInfoBindingSource.MoveLast();
    to prevent unintentional editing of existing rows.
    Thanks for the Video You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks a lot for making these videos. There aren't enough videos on youtube showing how to program with C# and MS SQL Server. I hope you make as many in this series as you did in the C# with MySQL series. That would be great.

  7. Excellent videos, these are exactly what I need but please make some more. For example add a date picker control to sort something using date. Also I would be interested how to export a sorted list to excel …thank you.


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