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Student Mangement System Project Using C# And MySQL

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In this c# project demonstration we will see how to create a use our basic students informations management system using c# with visual studio and mysql database

before starting this serie you must:
– learn c# core.
– download and install visual studio.
– have some knowledge in database.
– downoad and install XAMPP or WAMPP server(i’m using XAMPP).

– c# programming language.
– visual studio express 2013.
– mysql database
– canva.com for images
– flatuicolorpicker.com for colors
– text file ( to export data )

*********** The Main Form ***********

the main form contain 3 tabs, one for the students, the second for the courses, and the last one for the scores.

*********** Student Section ***********

on the student section you can add, edit, remove, and more.

– Add Student Form:
this form allow you to insert a new student with data verification before the insert

– Students List Form:
this form contain a datagridveiw populated with all the students in the database, when you double click on a datagridview row – the selected will be displayed on a new form to edit / remove student,
and you can click on the refresh button to display the edited data.

– Update Delete Student Form:
you can access to this form by clicking on the “Edit / Remove” in the top menu, or by double clicking on a student in the students list form.

in this form you can:
* search student by id.
* remove student.
* edit student data.

– Students Statics Form:
this form contain the total students in the database, male students percentage, female students percentage.

– Manage Students Form:
* get a list of all students in the database to a datagridview.
* see the total of students depending on the datagridview.
* search students by value and display them on the datagridview.
* get selected from datagridview to the data fields
* edit student information.
* remove selected student.
* add a new student.
* browse image from your computer to the picturebox.
* save the image from picturebox to your computer.
* clear / reset all fields.

– Print Students Form:
this form allow you to export students data from datagridview to text file.
you can select students by birthdate or gender or both.

*********** Course Section ***********

– Add Course Form:
this form allow you to insert a new course with data verification:
* course name not empty.
* course name not already exists.
* number of hours +10 H ( we did that from NumericUpDown control – properties – set minimum to 10 ).

– Edit Course Form:
in this form you can edit the selected course from the combobox .

– Remove Course Form:
this form allow you to delete a course with the given id .

– Manage Courses Form:
what this form contain ? and what you can do on it?:
* listbox populated with all courses.
* label with the total courses number.
* add a new course.
* edit the selected course.
* remove the selected course.
* navigate between courses.

– Print Courses Form:
this form allow you to export courses data from datagridview to text file.

*********** Score Section ***********

– Add Score Form:
in this form you can set a score to a specific student on a specific course.

– Remove Score Form:
in this form you can delete the selected score using datagridview.

– Manage Scores Form:
what this form contain ? and what you can do on it?:
* a datagridview to show students or scores using to buttons.
* add a new score for the selected student from datagridview on the selected course from combobox.
* remove the selected score using student id and course id.
* remove the selected course.
* show the average score by course on a new form.

– Print Scores Form:
this form allow you to export scores ( by student or course ) data from datagridview to text file.

NOTE: if we delete a student or a course all scores associated with them will be also deleted

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  1. ▶ Source Code: http://1bestcsharp.blogspot.com/2018/07/csharp-student-information-system-source-code.html

    ▶ Learn How To Create This Project: http://bit.ly/StudentSystemTutorials

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    IT's our project in System Analysis and Design and i dont have the idea to do it hope you recognize my message thank you very much Godbless. currently 2nd year college.

  4. hi thanks for this video

    is it possible to help me to create a setup file for this project ? i am using visual studio 2015

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  5. well the project is due tomorrow and im like 25% of the way through so since i need to pay for this it seems like it's gonna be a big old D

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