C# Tips: Emailing a Project


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Have you ever tried to email a C# project to someone? If so, you probably had a hard time. This video will show you two different ways you can clean up your project and email it without fear of the email being rejected because of a bad zip file. Learn what files to exclude from the zip file to get it to email without losing any of your important content.


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  1. Would love to see a short video like this one on post build events. I remember using them quite a bit in the 2000s but then I dropped out of software engineering mostly. Now I am wondering if folks still use post build events.. would be interesting to see some examples of why.

  2. Can't you just save the source code? and upload it to the cloud ?? When you have the source code you can copy paste it and build it again?

  3. Thanks heaps for making & sharing this video!

    I had been trying to find a solution for this for a few hours. I tried archiving in .rar with password setting and encrypting file names but it didn't work for me.

    Yours was a simple and easy solution.
    Many Thanks!

  4. Hi Tim, I'm surprised you didn't show the Build -> Clean Solution menu option. That removes all output files and folders under each project (And it's been there since Visual Studio .Net back in 2002 I believe). Unfortunately it still doesn't do anything about the packages folder in VS2019.

  5. till this date I was coping the content of code files and was sending to my friends to ask for help.. Thanks a lot Tim for this useful technique.

  6. The videos are cool but I think the words are too small I used 15.6 inch laptop and I force myself to see what is writing there… If it is possible to make it a bit bigger I know that for you Tim will be not very good but for us will be better.

  7. Hi Tim. Every single course by you is very very interesting and helpful. Despite my experience of programming I learned new things in every course. Thank you!


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