C# Tutorial 16: Dynamically Display (Running) Current Date Time


How to display the current time and date in C#.
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  1. hi … your video are very helpful …do you have one in c sharp about arduino com serial sending and receiving data with c sharp application ????

  2. time is shown but it doesnt match with the time of computer system and also the seconds is not increasing….how to solve plz help…

  3. how would i show my user name to another page top of the form using c# windows application?

    for example,

    my user name : TEST

    password : TEST@123

    my problem is how can i shifted to my user name to other page like session in asp.net but this is for windows application. Plze!!

  4. Hi, sry about the late question on this video. Im using a timer that starts to count when my form is minimized, so the program itself closes after 5 minutes, like an idle state. But, when i dont minimize, i just select another window and let my main program there, not minimized, what state is that ?

  5. 🙂 I have maybe basic question = I have one application to read data connected on the button object . So if I want to read a value then I have to click. Exist some nice way in C# to call cyclic ? Like scan time every 1ms ? Thanks for answer

  6. Very helpful thanks =) transitioning from Visual Basic to C# and this has made it a whole lot easier. 

    private void Timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)
                DateTime dateTime = DateTime.Now;
                this.lblTimeDate.Text = dateTime.ToString("MMMM dd, yyyy hh:mm:ss tt");

  7. one Question that if i have multiple form in my project  and i want to use Dynamically Display (Running) Current Date Time on multiple form
    Is their any way that i can define it in one form and can call it on multiple form. Is it possible?

  8. Great tutorial as always !!
    i was wondering if yu could make a vid on how to cycle through database records using next/previous buttons !!
    I would really appreciate yu doin that ^^


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