C# Tutorial 22 InkCanvas & Key Listeners


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In this part of my C# tutorial I cover Tabs, Calendars, InkCanvas, How to Make a Paint App, Key Listeners, StackPanels, Toolbars and a whole lot more.

For best results take notes on the cheat sheet provided above as you watch and leave any questions you have.

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  1. I couldn't figure out why, but I kept getting the null reference exception. I even just copy and pasted all the code, and it was still throwing the exception. I ended up just removing <Calendar.SelectedDates> and it worked.

  2. Why do you name some components with Name=" ", while others are x:Name=" "? I know that [x:] has something to do with XAML, but I have no idea what the dif is between the two.

  3. How exactly do painting programs work? Do they generate objects at the position you click on, which add up to lines when you move across the screen?
    I created a "drawng app" with unity where I just instantiate sprites at the positions I click on. What's a better way?

  4. Love your Tutorials! Did the Java one (most of it) and now C# becauseI have a work opportunity.
    Thanks for your good work!

    PS: I hate your date format, as an european this fucks me up good time xD

  5. Hi Derek, great tutorials!
    Just one question, In Which cases we need to use x:Name and in which other cases just Name ?

  6. In the end I copied the whole thing into VS. I had an error with the icon line 9 of xaml so i deleted that. Then I the program wouldn't work and VS entered into debug mode and I couldn't see why.

  7. Typical, first port of call on a Windows machine is to develop a key listener!?!
    For those of you new to software development, don't learn to programme like this. These videos are a reasonable attempt at demonstrating the capabilities of the MS Windows development system. But that's where the story ends. MS have a long and consistent history of showing off their Windows API starting with C (it was called Win16 and Win32) then C++ (MFC API) and now C#. In all these cases MS promoted the habit of filling-in the blanks in your application. Judging by this they've taken it yet another notch further. Remember Visual Basic? Don't hack code like this!

  8. Were you planning on getting into ASP.NET? I think it'd go well with the C# series, and your multiple web development series and would be appreciated(at least by me). Thanks for making these great videos.

  9. Where did you get the key codes from? I can't find a table where 35 is 1 or 45 is b. Can you please show me the way?

  10. First of all, English is not my native language, so forgive me if i make some gramma mistakes.I am a beginner of programming(been learning for only half year), and your tutorials are so amazing and addictive that i watch them more than three hours every day. Thank you for making these, you teach faster and better than my professor. :)Recently there are some questions border me about programming. I know that there are many programming languages such as C++, Swift, java, etc and i am passionate in learning them. Since my school only teach me java, i need to learn the others by myself.  But i am confuse about the differences between them, and i don't know which one is more useful to learn first. Can you give me some advice?

  11. Derek do you know of a good cheat sheet for C#? Don't do a search, if you don't know of one I can search it.

  12. Dear Derek, thank you so much for your video tutorials. 🙂 They are amazing, very educative and down to the point. I appreciate your efforts a lot. I must admit that I've learned quite a lot from them by just watching them and typing in and running the code examples presented in them. I'd like to ask you, are you planning to cover C++, too, in a similar manner, depth like your detailed C# tutorial, maybe with a couple of important, popular cross-platform libraries, like boost, qt, wxWidgets, gtk+ or some other 2d/3d graphics libraries, like sdl, sfml (smfl-gui), opengl or directx? Thank you for your help.

  13. Hi Derek! Maybe you could create a small tutorial how to use progressbar? I can't figure out how to refresh progressbar value when executed code comes from another class… Sorry for my english

  14. Drawing Rocks 🙂
    Derek, if you wanted to expand the calendar to include a large number of appts and events what would you use for data storage?

  15. All your tutorial are awesome, but sorry to say you are little bias. You make 6 video a week why 2 for program make it 3 please we plead

  16. Like your tutorials! Have you ever thought about teaching other things (like UWP, C++, ObjectiveC/Swift, etc)?


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