C# Tutorial 25 C# Databases


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This C# Tutorial is going to cover a lot in a short video. I’ll set up the newest SQL Server and Visual Studio 2017. I’ll then explore Creating Tables, Using SSMS, App.config, Connecting to SQL Server with C# and a whole lot more.

For best results take notes on the cheat sheet provided above as you watch and leave any questions you have.

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  1. Hi, everything is fine and working. I had some problems because I'm using Visual Studio 2017. I had to install the SQL database 2016 and after that the "SSMS-Setup-ENU". But everything is working. Fine. Thanks for this tutorial

  2. hey man, thank you for the tutorial. I was wondering tho, how can you share this program to run on another computer if the connectionString includes your personal laptop info. How can I change it to take into account any other computer ?

  3. Just blasted through this series in order to prep for job searching and wanted to say thanks. One of the best tutorial series I've seen, wish you were making videos when I was in college!

  4. i worked entityframework to connect SQL . but now i want connect to server and store my document at server, not local database. what should i do ?

  5. The sound on this series seems a little bit low. I'm having to turn up my speakers almost all the way to hear you. Could you increase the volume?

  6. Everything went as planned, I didn't get any errors and I did everything like in the video but the console is empty for me… I have no idea where to even begin to change the code because there isn't any errors, it's just not printing anything (besides giving the ReadLine)

  7. Its waaayyy too complicated!! My question is, after configuring all properly, if I compile and share the final fb application, lets say, a database application, will the end user need to reconfigure all of this? Because Im thinking his computer will not have a database, and all the connection keys will be diferent…

  8. you are a friggin life saver. Thank you for walking through the database connection and everything. Its so different than in the book I'm learning C# from…probably because they are working with visual studio 2012 in that book. Thank you so much


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