C# Tutorial 44: iTextSharp : Working with images in iTextSharp PDF file using C#


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  1. hello, is there a way to print an image as background and have the Text on front? or does the text must always be after the image? thanks a lot for these tutorials they are really hepfull.

  2. Nobody has asked yet that what's the password if we use append mode in iTextSharp??? Because iTextSharp uses a password on PDF files

  3. // scale while needed
    if (img.Height > doc.PageSize.Height || img.Width > doc.PageSize.Width) {

    // put image on the top of the page
    img.SetAbsolutePosition(0, doc.PageSize.Height – img.ScaledHeight);

  4. Is it possible to get as far a printing a document from VB 2010 but instead of sending it to the printer, create a pdf?

  5. I am getting an exception While adding an jg image
    It says Image cannot be found on the location
    pzzz Help

  6. Nice Video…
    But if i want to use Resources Image in iTextSharp PDF then how can i do this?
    Please give me code for that.
    Thank you.

  7. awesome! great tots staff, all is helpful thank you…
    Can you make a series tots in creating a crystal report and log report of a system?
    God bless! more power…


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