C# Tutorial 57: TextBox which accepts only numbers in C#


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c# – How do I make a textbox that only accepts numbers?
c# – How do I generate a textbox that only accepts numbers?
Allow user to only enter numbers in textbox and if character
Textbox only number or decimal
Textbox must accept only numbers and
Textbox only accepting numbers in C# windows application
C# Numbers Only Textbox – Visual C#
Textbox to accept only numbers in C# windows Forms C# .NET
textbox accept only numbers



  1. Seems wierd that this isen't in the library already. When pasting, you can still add text to the field for example, so that has to be fixed aswell. Seems like a lot of work for something that should've been in the library already

  2. Hi how do i make validation to allow format like prices ONLY? 999.99 is the precise amount i need. Nothing more than that, but can't go below 0.

  3. very knowledgeful video….but i want to add more concept in this, here e is object of keypressEventArgs Class. & this class has 2 properties namely keychar & handled. keychar gives u key pressed by user. & handled doesnt allows wrong entry into textboxes. here char is structures. & Isdigit, Isletter, IsDigitorLetter,Issymbol …..are its properties..
    hence we use , char.Isdigit(e.keychar) & similary e.handled= true; restrict wrong entry & e.handled= false; to allow entry in textbox. hope u get benifited after reading this…

  4. i cant found your Remaining lectures of this course in this Channel. what i do? please give me link of complt tutorial of this course. Thanks

  5. Is that possible with decimals as well? Cause I would try to input a period for the decimal which then the code prevents me from doing so.

  6. Thanks!
    For floats (what I came here for):
    if ((!char.IsDigit(c) && c != 8 && c != 46 && c != '.' )||
    (c == '.' && fpsText.Text.Contains('.')))
    e.Handled = true;

  7. Or this:

    if (System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.IsMatch(tb11.Text, "[^0-9-]")) // only accepts 0-9 and negative
    MessageBox.Show("Please enter numbers only!");

  8. .Net has upgraded and int representation of characters are no longer needed. We can use code like this:

    char ch = e.KeyChar;
                if (!char.IsDigit(ch) &&
                    ch != Convert.ToChar(Keys.Back) &&
                        ch != Convert.ToChar(Keys.Delete))
                    e.Handled = true;
    Here we use a Convert.ToChar(Object object) to directly convert a Keys enumeration variable to a character, then compare.


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