C# Tutorial 66: How to Save Files Using SaveFileDialog Component in C#


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  1. please help me. I have made a WinForms application, and I have inserted many radio buttons, checkbox, Slider and textbox. When I open the Winforms app, it will show me the radio buttons, checkbox, Slider and textbox. And I made some changes in the app by click checkbox, radio buttons and write something in the Textbox. I want to save the changes in the app or I want to save it as a file to open these changes further. please help me to use "Savefiledialog" to save the changes made in the app.
    ** Simply How to save other than Rich textbox (like radio buttons, checkbox group)

  2. Please help! i code the same as your tutorial but my saved file is not has the same format of content with richtextbox content?

  3. please help, when i o put on my txt file this simbol € it won't open well in the textbox in appears this � instead of €, please help

  4. Thank you. i just had one problem: at -> using(StreamWriter sw= new StreamWriter(s))
    there is this error message "The name 's' does not exist in the currente context"


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