C# Tutorial 92: How to Download a File from Internet using C#


C Sharp Download File Using C#
How to Download a File – C Sharp C#
How To Download an Internet File with C#
Downloading a file from a PHP page in C#
C# Webclient Stream download file
C# download file from the web
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Creating a Web Scraper


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  1. This works good And File image file downloaded. But I try to open downloaded image Its not open.It show me error ( It appears that we don't support this file format. )
    Help me to fix this problem..

  2. nice tutorial!

    p/s: for others, you may want to unsubscribe the event after you prompt out msgbox download completed. otherwise the msgbox will pop out twice after you click download button for the second time

  3. Solved! Many have commented that file downloaded with zero bytes so I tried this on console application and solved this problem by just putting Console.Read(); after wc.DownloadFileAsync() method …. This is because without console.read(); the program exits before the file downloaded completely.

  4. Can someone help me?!?
    Did everything, seems to work, BUT the file isnt complete so i cant execute the file downloaded, for exemple wav , mp3 , exe ….

    The Code:
    MessageBox.Show("A fazer download …");
    Application.UseWaitCursor = true;
    string ninite = "https://ninite.com/.net4.6.2-air-chrome-java8-shockwave-silverlight-teamviewer12-vlc-winrar/ninite.exe";
    wc.DownloadFileCompleted += new AsyncCompletedEventHandler(downloadcompleto);
    Uri url = new Uri (ninite);
    private void downloadcompleto(object sender, AsyncCompletedEventArgs e)
    MessageBox.Show("Download Completo");
    Application.UseWaitCursor = false;


  5. this is fine when you know the file your going to download. If you were to download a file from WebBrowser to save on your computer, unknown file extension, now, how to catch that would be helpful!

  6. Can I create my own executable file, kind of like Google earth or a pc game, using your method? Please let me know about that. Also, can I get the downloaded .txt file from a survey as well with this method? Because the surveys never unlock for me that much. I have to get visual studio for this. Is that right? Please let me know. So thanks so much.

  7. doesn't work, i try to download a .js file, i think hey it works, and i open the file and there Is no DATA in it

  8. Are you sure this works for pdfs? This seems to work well for image files, but I can't get it to download anything else. Am I missing something? The videos are great, by the way.

  9. Hi. This video is extremely helpful in the task I wish to achieve.

    I notice the file is downloaded from an http:// location.

    Can you kindly advise me how would I download a file from an https location?

  10. i works perfectly, Thank you. But when i come to download video's its not working. please fix it in order to accept the request of a subscriber. Thank you, hope you will pay attention towards my request.

  11. Hello Sir, I was able to become really Good in both C# and Java thanks to your series! Sharing your knowledge is one of the best thing in the world. I have a question for you.

    * How to Generate a Report using C# ?

    Thanks you very much for the knowledge and best regards.


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