C# Tutorial 99: How To Add ToolTips To Controls On A Windows Form in C#


C#: How do I add a ToolTip to a control?
Creating a ToolTip for a Control (Visual C#)
ToolTip.SetToolTip Method
How To Use The Winforms ToolTip Control
Visual C# – Tooltip Control
Tooltip in C# – C#
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  1. hi, i need help please, im on visual studio c# , i want change tooltip position from down to up; i found a peace of code on web windows msdn but it dosent work , tooltip must continue flowing mouse position too,, help me please

  2. Love Windows software for those tips.
    Mac really lacks them, even though has the feature.
    Thanks for the tip on the tooltip, bruv

  3. hi I have been following your tutorials on csharp programming and I am learning a lot. I have question regarding the tooltip. How to I display a tooltip when the user hover the mouse to datagridview, like when the user hover the mouse to the certain row or column and not actually clicking them? I tried this example but it didn't work, I am hoping that you can give me some answers. Thank you very much!

  4. How do you deal with tooltips on a button that you move over a graphics area? The tooltips disappear for me. I think it is something related to the form not having focus yet you can still click the buttons.

  5. I don't you think a new Tooltip for every element.
    One is enough.
    You can go to every button/label and but another text under "Tooltip on toolTip1"

  6. How can we place the tooltip somewhere else if we misplaced it?
    PS: You wrote `shoing` instead of `showing` mate

    UPDATE: Ok you simply have to click on the element you like the tooltip to appear

  7. I used one ToolTip called toolTip1 and for every control I enter different text on 'ToolTip on toolTip1' and it worked fine.


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