C# Tutorial – Chromium Embedded Framework Browser Tabs Close Button using CefSharp | FoxLearn


Chromium Browser Tabs Close Button using CefSharp Chromium Embedded Framework in C# .NET Windows Forms Application.


CefSharp – Fast web browser for WinForms and WPF Apps
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  1. Hi thank you for the google tutorial, I tried to convert to VB.NET, but in VB.net there are no Programs.cs file. I would like to know if you have any idea which file or how I can archive the "multi-tasks" section in your tutorial.

  2. when I run at time 10:37 it show error : The designer must create an instance of type 'EasyTabs.TitleBarTabs' but it cannot because the type is declared as abstract. . pls show me how to solve it!

  3. ​ Fox Learn Now I am facing problems with date time picker. The northwind database OrderDate is datetime with weird input like this "1996-07-04 00:00:00.000". I am having trouble matching the format with C# datetimepicker. For some odd reason C# date time picker is automatically taking "Now" time from windows clock. Already tried this method

    string Timeval = "00:00:00.000";

    dtFromDate.Value.TimeOfDay = Convert.ToDateTime(Timeval);

    Does not work. In your video the short format worked. But in Visual Studio 2015 it can not generate the data for where clause in the sql query.

    Can you help in this matter(https://youtu.be/079OLMGqZwg)?


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